Smart Virtual Assistants

Conversational interface to services and products

We build a great digital conversationalist for you

  • New conversational interface to company brand, products and services
  • Digital user which interacts realtime with customers
  • New way to engage with your customers
  • Bot can learn to optimize the customer experience
  • Bot can be installed to company web pages, mobile apps and/or popular chatting solutions

Bots can be used in various business cases.
Here are some typical use cases

  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • And much more
  • QnA solution easily

1. Send question-answers information to us

Information can be send using Excel sheets.

2. We build and install solution to cloud service

Finalized bot solution can be deployed to our cloud service.

3. We help with solution installation to company web pages

Bot compent installation to company web pages is easy. We provide detailed instructions and support when necessary.

4. We optimize bot functionality

We monitor and optimize bot functionality. If needed we will update bot knowledgebase.

Services for advanced bot solutions

Bot solution can be advanced and tightly integrated to company business processes. We offer services for all kinds of bot solutions development and deployment.

  • Our Services
  • Development services

    We develop bot solutions based on customer requirements. Agile methodologies are used to make sure that solution follows agreed requirements.

  • Hosting services

    Bot solution can be deployed to production use with the help of our hosting services. Our solution platform is based on reliable Microsoft Azure and Amazon Webservices cloud services. Alternatively solution can be deployed also to customers own server.

  • Support and maintenance

    We offer support and maintenance for bot solutions optimization, reporting and problem solving.

Bot Solution Features

Bot solutions can be a simple Q&A bot or sophisticated sales solution helping customer selecting and purchasing products.

Rich set of user interface components like images, carousels, hero and adaptive cards as well as cognitive services like text and speech recognition can be used in our bot solutions.

One bot can serve multiple communication channels. Our solutions are supporting Web-chat, Slack, Skype, Facebook, SMS, email as well as fully customized channels or mobile applications.

Our bot solutions can be customized in all application levels. Client channels, user interface, conversational flow and  integration to customer’s internal services can be modified when necessary

Our bot solutions are based on solid technologies and services like Microsof Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive services. We are using market leading cloud services Microsoft Azure and Amazon Webservices as a hosting platform.

We are using Azure Application Insights analytics and reporting as our default anlytics and reporting solutions. Customized reporting solutions can be used when necessary.

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